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Payday Loans

A payday advance (also known as a payday loan, cash advance, payroll advance, post-dated check loans, etc) is a financial management tool that can provide you with a sensible alternative to costly bounced checks, late payment fees and a tarnished credit ratings. 123 Loan Advance offers payday loan services from $100 to $1000. There are many different ways to apply for your payday loan. Choose the one below that best fits your needs:
  • Online Payday Loan

    We can offer you an online payday loan in almost every state Simply complete our simple 1 page online payday loan application and you can receive and online approval in minutes. Once you have been approved you will be re-directed to your lender to sign your online payday advance loan document. During your lenders normal businesses hours you can contact them with the phone number provided or they will be contacting you to finalize the lending process and credit your checking account with the amount you borrow the very same day. Your bank will usually make these funds available to you on the very next banking day.
  • Same Day Cash Advance

    Need a same day cash advance loan? Need the cash in your hand today? We can most likly offer an online cash advance loan in your state so you can apply with our same day cash advance lenders for a same day cash advance loan online. Once matched with the same day lender your cash will be deposited the same day by a crediting the funds to your debit card thus making the funds available to you the same day.
  • 1 Hour Online Payday Loan

    As a new service to our valued customers, we now provide access to a one hour online payday loan lender. When you apply for 1 Hour Loans, you will be qualified quickly and have the funds transfered to you checking account within 1 hour of being qualified. Our quality 1 Hour Loan providers are online and ready to receive your application. With our 1 hour lender you must fill out the application on their site so you won't have to provide your information twice. Simply click on the 1 hour loan link and then select the 1 hour lender to go directly to their site. A one hour lender is able to credit loans to your debit card within one hour of approval, so be prepared to provide that information when requested.
  • Installment Loans

    Most state laws allow for Installment Loans even if they restrict the use of payday loans. Installment loans allow you to borrow up to $1,500 or more and have more flexable repayment options. You must be able to make regular payments, but may have up to 12 months to repay the loan. Installment loans are being offered in our installment loan services. Simply click on the link provided and select one of our friendly installment lenders. With our installment lenders you must fill out the application on their website so you don't have to provde yor information here. An installment lender is able to work our the payment that fits your budget.
  • Line of Credit Loans

    Most state laws allow for Line of Credit Loans even if they don't allow the use of payday loans. Line of Credit loans are simular to installment loans in that they allow you to borrow up to $1,500 or more and have more flexable repayment options. However, they are different in that you don't have to take the full amount you qualify for at the time you are approved for the loan but may come back at any time more of your line of credit without further approval. Also, a line of credit loan allows you to borrow any portion of the line of credit that has been paid back. So, if you make a couple payments but find yourself in need of additional money for another emergency, simply request the amount you need, up to your set limit even if it includes part of the original borrowed amount that you paid back already. This type of loan is typically referred to as an open end line of credit.

A Payday Loan Advance Online Does Help

  • What do you do when your car breaks down an it is still a week before your next payday?

  • Where do you go when a utility bill is due, but you had some unexpected expenses this month that have already drained your checking account.

  • When those unexpected expenses surprise you; continue to be responsible, and prevent your bank from charging you outragous and multiple returned item fees.

If there is to much month left at the end of your money?
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